Flight Connected
Lost and Found
Death of a Husband
A Deeper Walk
Healing Miracle
Baby Solomon
Two Years to Live
In His Steps


Today's Miracles!

Miracles still do happen today. Often we think that they no longer happen. 
Find out about some recent miracles that has been happening.


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Flight Connected 

Recently I flew from Glasgow to Calgary in Canada. I had to get a connection flight from Calgary to Lethbridge. 

I boarded the Zoom airplane at Glasgow feeling rather exited about flying out to Canada to visit friends.  Shortly after boarding, the pilot announced that they could not get the plane started. 


In His Steps

This is probably the oldest book that I have ever read, other than the Bible.  This book In His Steps was a true story that was written in 1896.  You can receive this book of 31 chapters by email, two chapters per week.  Highly recommended.

Lost and Found

            There I was, sitting alone in my college dorm room; fighting tears back because I didnít know what God was doing to my life. My faith was about to be changed forever; God was about to speak to my heart.


Death of a Husband

One of the most important times in my life where I needed Godís, the Lordís and the Holy Spirit to comfort me it happened three years ago May 28th, 2002 a day I will never forget.   



A Deeper Walk

I went to the Library and researched what the problem could be. The only problems I could find that fit the symptoms was Aids and Cancer. I had done nothing to expose myself to Aids so the only thing that it could be was Cancer. I still didn't believe this .......   

sunset Healing Miracle

A man who had prostrate cancer for 13 years out lived statistics, then the most amazing thing happened. Read what happened to him.


Baby Solomon

An awesome miracle about a baby dead for about 40 minutes. This is one that you must read! A real touching story that will bring tears to your eyes.

Christians and the  Church

$20 bill

Two Years to Live

This Lady was told that she would only have two years to live. The doctor told her hysterectomy or death. Read about this incredible pregnancy.


This is Crazy.  I have started a blog called "Christians and the Church."  The Lord has been showing me different things that I feel that are very important.  I decide to start writing them down to share them with others.  Some of them are specifically for the Church, some for Christians and other are more for myself.  

Go ahead and check it out by <Clicking Here>  You can even leave a comment on that site.


Other Recommended Links


Christ the Answer International Ministries

Birthed in 1993 in response to God's call upon Jim and Shelley's lives. Through prophetic preaching, teaching and music ministry, they have endeavored by the Holy Spirit to build up and strengthen the body of Christ. The ministry emphasizes the call to holiness and obedience to the Holy Spirit, in these last days before Christ's return.  You will also find some great Home Study courses that are free.  <Click Here>  to find out more.

Brian and Connie Thomson

In the past few years they have seen an increase in the healing anointing. They have traveled across Canada, the U.S., and on many mission trips, and have seen God use them to heal blind eyes, deaf ears, crippled legs, cancer, asthma, arthritis, and many other sicknesses. In many services, everyone with pain receives an instant miracle from the Lord.  <Click Here> to find out more.

Bob Larson

An expert on cults, the occult and supernatural phenomena. He has lectured in more than seventy countries and has appeared on such television shows as Oprah, Donahue, Montel, Sally Jesse, Larry King Live, and Politically Incorrect.  Find out more by <Clicking Here>


Christians and the  Church

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