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  Understanding Wood Finishing

Understanding Wood Finishing
The Author, Bob Flexner has been finishing wood for more than 20 years. Bob spent 6 years learning the chemistry of finishing and has distilled this technical knowledge into practical information. Bob clears up confusion by debunking many myths about finishing. Beautifully illustrated and a pleasure to read.
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  Great Wood Finishes

Great Wood Finishes
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HVLP is the spray system that everyone is switching to.  The air is supplied by a high-output turbine that is maintenance-free.  

No compressor is needed and the quality of finish is identical to the best high pressure spray finishes.  Because the air pressure is low, the FUJI HVLP gun produces a softer, easier to control spray.  This lets you lay the paint on gently and not blast it on.  

Over-spray is reduced by up to 80% for a cleaner, healthier workplace.  Savings in paint can be as much as 50%.

Fuji Mini-Mite 4 HVLP spray painting system
The Fuji NEW Mini-Mite 4 Model Spray System

One of Fuji Spray newest model created for high quality finish.


Most turbine HVLP spray guns, air passes through the gun at all times (known as a bleeder gun). The Fuji XT Turbine Spray Gun is a non bleed, which means that air passes through the spray gun only when the trigger is pulled.  This help prevents the shop dust from blowing around when not spraying.  When you let got of the trigger, the air stops blowing out of the gun.



The Fuji XT spray gun features a stay-cool nylon handle, stainless steel fluid passages and an external needle packing adjustment. The fan pattern is adjustable from 1/8 to 15. You can obtain a professional finish with all known coatings.


The New High-Efficiency Air-cap

Fuji High-Efficiency AircapThe standard Air-cap set is the size number 4H which is .055" (1.4mm) for fine finishing with lacquers, enamels, polyurethane, latex, water based coatings and more. 

The 'H' designates the air-cap as High Efficiency. Fuji R & D utilized computer Fluid Dynamics programs that yielded data suggesting improvements could be made to the angles and hole sizes in the air-cap. 

When the air-caps were tested, it exceeded all expectations. 

The High-Efficiency Air-caps provide the user with a cleaner spray pattern that results in less over-spray and mist in the air. This recent addition from Fuji is a greatly improved air-cap design. All 'H' stamped air-caps provide the user with a cleaner spray pattern which results in less over-spray and mist in the air.

What Fuji has done is reduce the width of the actual fan pattern. If we take a vertical pattern, the height (let's say 9") stays exactly the same, but the width of the HE, compared to standard Air-caps is much less. 

What's the advantage of a 'thinner-width' fan pattern? 

As you probably know, when you spray across a board, as you come off the edge, particles are spraying into the air and adding to the over-spray (mist) in the air. But you have to continue holding down the trigger until you finally pass over the edge of the board. You cannot stop at the edge of the board but must follow through past the board.

The wider the width of the fan pattern, the longer it takes to pass off the edge of the board. It is this extra width of fan pattern that is adding to the number of airborne particles with each pass. It becomes even more significant when you realize how many times you pass over the edge of a board when spraying a cabinet or piece of furniture. 

This Fuji High-Efficiency Air-cap is an exclusive feature from Fuji.


The FUJI XT Turbine Spray-gun features a self-centering nozzle for a perfect spray pattern every time.  Fuji aluminum air nozzles are hard-anodized to prevent wear.  Needles and jets are stainless steel.  The gun and parts are CNC machined to aircraft tolerances.

It is really easy to change the spray pattern. Simply turn the air cap as it clicks into position.  To change the size of the fan pattern, the spray cap is turned in or out. Turning the spray cap in, causes the pattern to become larger - turning out, smaller.  You'll find that you can paint as small as 1/4" round.


The standard No. 4H needle, nozzle, jet set-up comes installed in all the Fuji XT Turbine Spray guns.  This set-up is ideal for most fine finishing.  Four other sizes are available as accessories.


No. 3H .039 1 mm Smaller size nozzle set for finer atomization. 1mm (.039) Best size for some water-based products but please check first with the manufacturer of the coating. Excellent for shading with stains or inks and for fine airbrush techniques. 

Not for Latex House Paint. Please note* these parts will not fit the older Fuji Model SC-1.

No. 4H
.055 1.4mm This is the best size for most products that can be sprayed. The #4 measures 1.4mm (.055) and this is our standard air-cap set that is installed in every new Fuji spray-gun. Best for nitrocellulose lacquers, oil-based paints, varnishes and even latex house paint (fine-finishing applications only see larger sizes). 

Please note* these parts will not fit the older Fuji Model SC-1.

No. 5H .070 1.8mm Perfect for when you need faster application. Always remember that once you step up to #5 or #6 you may start to see some slight texture in the finish. The #5 measures 1.8mm (.070). 

Please note* these parts will not fit the older Fuji Model SC-1.

No. 6 .086 2.2mm The largest air-cap set in the Fuji lineup. Use this size for wall/ceilings or any large surface where fast coverage is required. Perfect for splatter paints (multi-fleck). The #6 measures 2.2mm (.086). 

Please note* these parts will not fit the older Fuji Model SC-1.

The Fuji Mini-Mite 3 system replaces the 'Fuji SUPER PRO' model turbine which was a favorite for about two decades.  This is the same powered by a high performance. 3-stage, double ball-bearing, single speed, bypass motor that produces over 100 cfm at 5 psi.  This motor, made by Ametek-Lamb (Ohio) is the most powerful in its class.  Three-stage means that 3 fans are used to develop air propulsion.  The result is better atomization of paints especially high solids such as water-based coatings.

Here is what American Woodworker Magazine had to say about the 
Fuji SUPER PRO model...

"The system includes an excellent three-stage turbine and features like a hose end air valve... the gun atomizes beautifully and has a full range of features."

"Quality of atomization rated 9.8 out of 10."

The complete system is CSA approved.  All electrical components are UL listed.  The FUJI warranty covers parts and labor for a period of 2 years from date of purchase.


Fuji Q-Series PRO

Fuji Pro Q-Series is the newest addition of HVLP Turbine Systems.  This computer-designed airflow configuration completely eliminates the 'direct sound paths' found on All low to mid-priced HVLP turbine systems available today.  Direct sound paths are responsible for the noise factor.  Noise is reduced to less than 50% of previous levels.

Fuji Q3 PRO HVLP Paint Spraying Equipment

The Fuji Q3 PRO Quiet HVLP Spray System


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